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Another scene, almost painful to watch, sees him waving his star-spangled banner before a Boston Bruins ice-hockey game, while the crowd roars its approval.

For being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he is being treated as a hero. Stronger is a film about working-class America, too.

Although he is an adult, his obsession with The Adventures of Brigsby Bear is that of a child. But after the FBI arrive at the sealed desert home where he has been held for so many years, and James is reunited with his actual parents and younger sister, he learns that nobody else on earth knows about Brigsby — except Ted and April, who are in jail, and a waitress (Kate Lyn Sheil) who was hired by Ted to play a recurring role without knowing his nefarious scheme.

She thought the show was for a Canadian cable channel.

Patty is a coarse, chain-smoking divorcee whose genuine maternal instincts are diluted by booze, and Richardson nails the look, the body language, the attitude, the accent, everything.

I grew up round the corner from her, so her career has always interested me, but I wouldn’t have considered her an obvious contender for a role like this.

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— but her relationship with Jake was going so gosh-darned well that decided there was no reason to wait! Shortly after they, uhh, baked their first love custard, though, he turned into a different dude!

Stronger, following the physical and emotional impact of the explosion on one man, and by extension on those around him, is a much more interesting and honest film.