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My Ipad is able to connect to it without a problem. I'm having a lot of trouble with the Asus EA-N66 ethernet adapter. Click Upload Click Upload File From a URL Click Upload Click on arrow beside paperclip Click Manage Attachments to Add or Remove attachments Click on name of File [/CENTER] Hi, As the title says I was using the internet one evening, turned it off my laptop which is an Acer 5332, the next day turn it on only to find I am disconnected from the home router and can't connect to it.

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The socket I had it connected to doesn't work anymore, so all I had to do was connect it to one that was working.

Everything connecting directly to the router works correct? Alright so as it turns out you were right Wand3r3r, it was a hardware problem with the wall plug going to the router.

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