Updating htc touch

20-Oct-2017 08:50

NOTE B- failing to flash aboot6 after backing up your system/data, will cause a bootloop.However both failures above are harmless, you won't loose anything, just restart recovery, flash the correct aboot file and you are good to go again.

First boot WILL take a while to boot, wait up to about 10 minutes._____________________________________________this twrp was developed for the android 5 (L) version.

- I cannot tell what else changed, the cumulative update to B14 was only 8Mb compared to B13, but as found in the ZTE website, some configuration files have been changed to "improve memory management".

So far this rom is very smooth and seem to work better (or no worse) than B13. It stays on when plugging headphone in, but turns off when pressing "play".

Feel free to play around, no reboot needed, simply close the setting app, change this file and open the settings app again to see the changes.

No risk of bootloop either, I have alrteady turned everything on/off to see what changed.It still works though, but you have to press play then turn it on manually. B09, B12 and B13 are still available from my Mega account (on the OLD roms link). _____________________________________________ INITIAL NOTE: Before placing your review, please kindly remember one simple thing: You would NEVER be able to have a Marshmallow ROM on your ZTE AXON mini B2016, if it wasn't for our work (@Bormental, @Crisvendeta, myself, and some others from XDA).