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So, there is a historical kernal here, but it has been wrenched out of its proper historical sequence and made into a fabricated story of slaves in Egypt being delivered by their merciful God.Had Moses (or some other eye-witness) written the Exodus account the number of letters used for writing would be 30 in 1552/1446 B.Obviously whoever wrote this account had not the foggiest notion of when the Philisitines had arrived, because earlier in Genesis he has them cutting deals with Abraham in the 3rd millenium in the Beersheba/Gerar vicinity.1250 BC Exodus which enjoys popularity amongst many Humanist scholars.

100 new dating and chat site 2013 Mission Pays Basque (2017) - IMDb - by Ludovic Bernard.For the reasons why Finkelstein & Silberman (emphasis mine): Sites mentioned in the Exodus narrative are real.*************************************************** How to account for this 1540 BC date for the Exodus which co-incidentally matches the alternate Hyksos expulsion date proposed by Kitchen.Greeks and Jews both called the Persians Medes, so as Madai, they are descendants of Japheth/Iapetos, the father of the Greeks. They fled along the Way of the Philistines, back to Canaan with the Egyptians in pursuit.

I have attempted to show that some of the proposed Exodus dates do in fact fall within the reign of Ahmose I , variously dated 1580-1515 BC.

for their Exodus will hit a brick wall: the fact that _no_ archaeological time period has _all_ the sites in existence and occupied mediterranean dating site. As to whether or not they remained in the Delta after their defeat, we have only the pure speculation of scholars, no hard evidence.