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Usually, but not always, has a gorgeous in sight and sound female vocalist as the lead singer and unfortinatly in alot of cases has a male vocalist who cannot sing but can only speak and growl like a death metal vocalist. Sometimes the male lead singer can sing or if it is a female and male singer the guy can sing.

Uses keyboards alot and lyrics are typically about religion and God, heaven and hell, romance, horror, depression, bereavement, emptyness, and death.

Finally there was music we could shuffle to on the sticky dance floor of shabby provincial clubs, and it was being made by people who looked like they knew their way around a graveyard (an admirable quality to a young darkling).

These new objects of affection were completely different – rather than the shiny, groomed pop stars our classmates swooned over, the objects of our affection glowered from the ripped out pages of Melody Maker that we’d stuck to our bedroom walls (no Athena posters for these guys), looking like they’d been indoors for way too long. This list of 80s Gorgeous Goth Greats is in no way exhaustive and you will almost certainly disagree with some of them, but then that’s part of the fun – there is no definitive answer to the eternal question ‘what is goth?

We understand you so I think that you should at least try to understand us.

I have made this video in the hopes of bridging the gap between us, the children of the night, and those that are not creative and sensitive. We are going to live forever because we are both vampires.

’ Robert Smith Probably the first person most people would think of if asked to name an early goth, Robert Smith was a member of Siouxsie and the Banshees before forming The Cure in the late 1970s. Girls loved his way with an eyeliner pencil and boys sighed in the knowledge that they’d never have the courage to wear lipstick down the high street. And that passion has never really gone away – rather embarrassingly, my username in the early days of online chat groups was ‘Mrs Dave Vanian’. Nick Cave Nick has always argued against the goth tag, but the success of The Birthday Party’s Release The Bats in 1981 sealed his fate very early on in his career, despite it having been written with tongue very firmly in cheek.

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I met my internet girlfriend Nightblade on the same site and we had planned to get married in a graveyard at midnight but she turned out to be an old guy living in a caravan so that didn't work out.

As for an image, they usually have a form of a gothic image but has is not the stereotypical goth look.

Amongst these harbors is the Port of Kalundborg, which according to SDU and the Center for Regional and Tourism Research's new analysis report, provides for 1,439 jobs in the commune, which is equivalent to 8 per cent.… continue reading »

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