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It was the one gift I'd always wanted as a child, but never gotten — now I feel like the big kid on the block.— Bruce Windsor, ONT Posted 2.20.2012 In 1972, while I was in the service station business in Pennsylvania, a customer came in and needed gas, but he had no money.He invented the first speedometer, player piano, automatic gas gauge, and many other fantastic items. Now I have to figure out what to do with this priceless book. At the famous flea market there, he bought a beautiful painted iron trunk.He took it to Holland and during World War II he tried to open it but did not succeed.It was in good condition — not a spot of rust on it anywhere — and the only real problem was that the two front wheels were missing.Other than that, though, I was pleasantly surprised to see there were absolutely no dings or dents in it at all. | Hidden Lithographs | First Place Oars | A Wave From Heaven | An Austrian Hutch | Bidding on the Small Stuff | Time to Dust the Toys | A Presidential Discovery | Original Maija Painting | Buy What You Like | 1885 Crazy Quilt Posted 3.5.2012 One Sunday afternoon, I went to look through a pile of junk a friend told me about along a secondary road in West Virginia. It had had a mirror, three drawers (one needed fixing), and a door (which needed to be put back on).I loaded it in my truck and took it to my friend to repair. Mary’s, WV Posted 2.27.2012 Every once in a while people get "lucky" and find what they consider to be "gems," and this is my story.

When I stopped to take a closer look at the pile, I spotted it — an original "Full Size" Radio-Flyer wagon.Three years ago, both my parents passed away, and I had to come back to Holland after 12 years working and living in Greece.I got very ill and had to sell the trunk, and it turned out to be a little treasure.1.15.10 | He Sends His Congratulations 1.11.10 | Prayer Rug 1.04.10 | American Jewelry | Stradivarius Mystery | The Heirloom That Wasn't | An Unusual Jewel | Damaged Dresser | 19th-Century Story | Family Scrapbooks | Half-Price Painting | Metal-Detecting Discovery | Unknown Utrillo | Home Is Where the Treasure Is | Family Diaries | Priceless Painting | Soulful Violin | Civil War Quilt | Homecoming | Brilliant Brooch 09.4.09 | Folk Art Find | Saved from Demolition | Gray Pay Station Telephone | Kennedy Necktie | Tea for Two | Signed by The Master of Suspense | A Surprise from Dad's Past | The One-Dollar Victrola | Royal Bayreuth Vase | Berbice Chair | Mysterious Rock | If Antiques Could Talk | Just Say No | Fan-Mail Writer | I'll Take It | A Friend from the Past | Tripping over Treasure | Diary of War | Antique Love Seat | Letter from a Former First Lady | Harvesting History | A Souvenir from a Watchman's Rounds | Searching for an Answer | A Gift from Iceland | Ring of Memories | An Unexpected Heirloom | The Past Resurfaced | Attic Treasure | A Doll in Times of Sacrifice | Folk Art Family History | Bottom of the Box | Ivy Ceramic Basket | Symbolic Medallion | A Rare Find for a Card Collector | On The Hunt | Hoosier Cabinet | Hellier Heaven | Right Under My Nose | Sweet Dolls | Abe Lincoln's "Bed Quilt" | Antique Billiards Table | Amelia Earhart Find | Jessie Arms Botke Painting | That Does Compute | Alaskan Moose Hide | A Complete Collection | Historical Diaries | Wedding Gift Inkwells | W. Richards Watercolor | A Pleasant Surprise | Winnie The Pooh Cells | Watch For A Bargain | The Hunter and the Bear | Roadshow Riches | Kutani Urns | Thrift Store Find | Graduate School Cider Mug | Limbert Arts and Crafts China Cabinet | It All Comes Out in the Wash | Let There Be Light | Civil War Treasure | Sitting Pretty | Carousel Chandeliers | Kindness Returned with St.

Nicholas | Hitching with Hadrian | Hopeful China | Why High School Pays | Rediscovered Beauty | George Washington Etching | What's In The Box | Perseverance Pays Off | Follow Your Instincts | Family "Flippie" Mug | Chessie Cat Lithograph | 1932 Babe Ruth Baseball | An Important Shelf Liner | A Real Find | The Petty Family Archive | Humbled by a Humble Sign | Who Knows Nutting?

However, my Grandfather and the artist never got together when Grampa had shot a rabbit, therefore the painting is still missing the rabbit. — Marianne Tacoma, WA Posted 2.6.2012 My grandfather was an inventor who held the most patents next to Edison. You won't believe what was sitting on the window ledge ― my grandfather's journal.

Actualmente est jubilada y vive en Missouri, Estados Unidos Este libro no existira de no ser por dos personas muy especiales, dos almas que me acogieron bajo sus protectoras alas y pacientemente me animaron a volar, a remontarme.… continue reading »

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