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Many of the images show the women on their quest, digging for bones, but the most affecting photo is less literal: an image of women walking through a cemetery, carrying buckets and shovels.

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Green: a disc-shaped UFO glowed green as it hovered over a weapons depot near Astrakhan on the night of 28 July 1989, watched by servicemen from two army units in the area.It is certainly not the only ghostly settlement to be seen in the far north.During the Cold War, when the Americans built bases in Greenland to study ways of fighting in Arctic conditions, soldiers from the baking dustbowls of the Great Plains sometimes saw 'medium-sized mid-western cities' on the white horizon, in such detail on at they could identify individual buildings and churches.In dusty Baghdad, on the night of , a heavy darkness fell, succeeded after midnight by a red and lurid gloom.

As panic seized the inhabitants, a dense shower of sand began to rain upon the city.

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